Shop Updates

Shop Updates

.. and breath!! The kids are back at school and business has resumed as normal. It has certainly given us a taste of what the summer holidays are going to have to offer so we have started to plan for them as they are only 6 weeks away for us UK folk!

As from today we will go back to only taking orders via Etsy, this allows us to keep track of orders and minimises the admin time spent on each order. Now that we have launched our new products, the side pocket and vertical pockets, we are going to have a rejig of the Etsy store so that these listings are easier to find. There will be one listing for the UglyDori as standard, you will be able to select which colour and size you require in that listing. There will also be separate listings for the notebook cover with the flap on the right side and the left side, each listing will have all the colour and size options available.. meaning there will no longer be the “add on” listing.

Our UglyDoris will now come with one large secretarial pocket on the back cover and a secretarial pocket with vertical card pockets on the front cover.. this is our unique design that has been in the process for a while now and we are super excited to be rolling it out to you guys. Due to the hard work we have put into this design we will be unable to take custom requests to change pocket layouts etc until September.

We have always been keen to keep our prices low and continue to be one of the lowest priced makers in the market at the minute, unfortunately we have had to increase our prices slightly, this will happen over the next week or so and is only a few pounds on each size.

We have finalised and built our first ring bound planner and will happily be offering these up for sale very shortly, at the minute they are only personal sized and will be priced at £45 each, they are available in all of our current colours and we have 3 different ring sizes: 16mm, 19mm and 25mm. They will be listed on Etsy from next week but for now you can purchase via THIS form. There are only 10 available for pre order!!!

New TN size – we have just released our new Micro planner which fits A7 inserts.. its diddy and so cute but also very practical to be able to carry around with you as it doesn’t take up much space. This size is now available on Etsy.


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