Weekly Update

Wowsers, ScotCon this weekend was fantastic and it was amazing to see so many UglyDoris there.. Dobby had a stand in and everyone loved taking their selfies with him.

The Etsy shop was open from 6pm Friday night and closed again at 6pm Sunday, we are trialling this system for 6 weeks to see how it works for us. The long term plan is to keep processing times down for you guys!

We have added some new sizes to our product range, we now stock B6, B6 Slim and A7 notebook covers and these will be available to purchase as off Friday!

Our webform is still open for orders if you can’t wait until Friday for Etsy to reopen or if you would like something custom made!

Our new vertical pockets went down well, these are not just layers of leather glued together our pockets come lined with fabric to make then extra sturdy!

If you have any suggestions of names for our fold out pocket add on then please feel free to drop us a suggestion, at the minute we are stuck with flaps lol.

Processing time is currently 3-4 weeks.

Don’t forget to check back on Thursday for our weekly blog post.

Many thanks

Michelle and Trevor


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