How to order

Todays blog is a bit self indulgent really, we have had so many questions asking about our custom orders and how you go about requesting one. Until now we have been asking people to email us but as of right now you can fill in the order form HERE and we will invoice you within 48 hours (mon-fri) the invoices come via PayPal so your purchase is protected and you don’t need a PayPal account to pay it, we also allow you to pay in instalments too!

Below are the product specifications for the UglyDori, before you click the link above to order you will need to chose: planner colour, thread/stitch colour, elastic colour, size, name on name band and if you require a pen loop or not.

Colour Chart

All of our Travellers Notebooks are made from 2mm – 2.8mm, Full Grain Leather, everything is done in house and by hand, including: cutting, dying, tooling, stitching, finishing and packing. We use absolutely no machines which means that our stitching is stronger and will last the test of time.

We have so much respect for the lives of the cow which provided the leather for each notebook and we love all of the battle scars that they may have had, we feel this adds charm to the overall effect, when buying an UglyDori you are buying a TN which is unique and has character.

Planner Colour:

We have tried to capture the colours in their truest form but obviously monitor settings etc can effect the way they look in real life and each piece of leather accepts the dye differently.


When completing checkout could you please confirm the following within 24 hours, if you do not message us we with the below details you will receive the “default” option.

Thread Colour:
White (default)
Hot Pink

Elastic Colour:
White (default)
Hot Pink

If you would like a different colour thread or elastics that is not listed here then please message us as we may be able to order it in specially for you.

Our travellers notebooks (UglyDori) come with:

Name band (default is your first name)
Pen Loop (default)
4 elastics (2mm in the colour of your choice)
Centre Punched Closure
Reenforced Spine (sewn inside the cover)
A full size pocket on both front and back covers (stitched on 3 sides of each pocket)
2 half sized pockets on both front and back covers (inside)

The spine widths comes wide as standard!

Measurement (cover open and laid flat);

Pocket: 9.25″x6″ fits inserts 3.5×5.5″ (Field Notes)

A6: 11″x6.5″ fit inserts 4″x6″ (Hobo Techno)

Personal: 10.5″x7″ fits inserts 3.75″x6.5″

Regular: 12″x8.75″ fits inserts 5″x8.25″ (Moleskin Cashire & Standard)

A5: 14.5″x8.75″ fits inserts 5.8″x8.25″ (Hobo Cousin)


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