Shop reopening!!

Well howdy there, wee re back from a very refreshing week away and have spent the day catching up on emails and making a few changes that we have had planned for a while now!

The first change you may notice when you visit our Etsy store is the name change! To keep UglyBugPlans (Michelle’s Stamping’ Up! paper craft business) and UglyBugLeatherCraft totally separate we decided it was time to rebrand the leather craft shop to reflect what it is that we sell. You will notice that all of the stickers are gone and there are, currently, only leather products for sale, I say currently as we may reintroduce TN bookmark charms in a few weeks.

Secondly there are more listings for UglyDoris that there were previously available, this is because the listings will now be in colour, to make it easier for you to see pictures of each colour on different planners. We are still updating these and it will take a few days for all the colours to go live, until then you can send an email to uglybugleatherwork@gmail.com or via Etsy and we can point you to the colour listing that you require.

We are currently working at a 3 week turn around as we have had a lot of custom orders in for one off pieces of art work, if you need your order before the 3 weeks then please send us a message and we will see what we can do.

This Thursday will be the first of a weekly blog post where we will be taking on traveler’s notebook questions one at a time.. if you have anything you’d like to know about traveler’s notebooks, inserts, leather craft etc then let me know in the comments and I will see if we can schedule it in.

Happy Planning

Michelle & Trevor


5 thoughts on “Shop reopening!!”

      1. well i promise i’ll make sure our one is nice and tight haha.. mind you they seem to have a life of their own those pesky knots haha


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